Thursday, July 12, 2007


Bush's Enemies:

The latest act of terrorism in Britain went awry a couple of weeks ago, causing Al Qaeda to send out a message that they would get vengeance for foiling the plot.

Do you see what's wrong with this picture? "Before this, we were blowing ourselves up, and praying to Allah that you are all beheaded ... but now we're really angry." They've given us 100% of their hatred, and there's nothing left for us to worry about escalating the situation.

Who else is 100% set against Bush?

David Gregory and Helen Thomas lecture the POTUS.

[I gave a pretty good answer in the comments section, and since I doubt I can improve upon it, I will show it in full here.]

Dan Rather wrecked his career on Bush. But it might not have happened that way, it was only luck that someone as passive as Bush had won out. His current opponents are just as clumsy and dishonest as Rather was. Bush is obligated to fight back. He could thoroughly humiliate them on live tv with "just the facts" ordinary public record. If blogs can do it, then Tony Snow with a powerpoint sure can. They're aggressive to the point of dishonesty, and it's ridiculous for the White House to pretend otherwise.

Also, aside from the rancor... a press conference is about !asking questions! I don't think revoking passes for a few months on long winded orators is some slippery slope to fascism. Give them a week of the Alex Trebec treatment to remember when and where not to orally editorialize. I guess the spin won't be live, it'll be taped ... sigh.

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